Vincent Scatliffe | Entrepreneur
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Continuous Good

Continuous Good supports, shares, and builds social impact brands. Our mission is to design a multi-national social impact community that creates exponential change across local and global sectors.

branding while broke

Branding While Broke was born out of the revelation that being broke has been the genesis to the success of current popular brands. Through conversations and experience, we’ve found that entrepreneurs are in need of tools, resources and overall support they unknowingly possess.

Our mission is to support the millions of entrepreneurs living in the US by activating their area of broke. Helping them to pursue their passion and be successful along their journey.

brandnew youth

BRANDNEW YOUTH is a 6-week brand development program for male teens of color. In response to high levels of consumer marketing towards this specific demographic, Brandnew Youth empowers students to develop a healthy and sustainable relationship with brands, by teaching them how to create their own personal brand. The program concentrates on students from low income, high consumer communities within South Central Los Angeles and will be limited to 10 participants per cycle.